🪙 Does DEX Screener have a token?

No, DS doesn't have a token. If you come across a token or pre-sale claiming to be related to DEX Screener then it's likely a scam. Remeber to always be cautious and do your own research before investing in any tokens on pre-sales.

🕵️‍♀️ Where does DEX Screener get data from?

All DEX Screener data comes directly from the blockchains it tracks, without the use of any external APIs or data sources. DS has a custom-built indexer to parse, analyze and store raw blockchain logs, which is then used to create screeners, charts and analytics. All data is processed automatically in realtime without any human moderation or intervention, so it's important to use all the tools and information provided to do your own research before interacting with any tokens and smart contracts.

📱 Is there a DEX Screener app?

Yes! We have an iOS App and an Android App!

🤖 Does DEX Screener have Telegram bots?

Yes! There are two official DS Telegram bots:

DEX Screener Price Alerts Bot (for individual users)

DEX Screener Price Bot (for groups)

🤖 Does DEX Screener have Discord bots?

We don't have any Discord bots yet, but you can always build your own bot using our free API.

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