Refund Policy

Last updated: April 1st 2024

If you're seeking a refund, it's likely because you've purchased one of our products. We greatly appreciate your patronage!

We strive to provide superior products and customer service and to resolve any issues that may emerge. However, we understand that there may be situations where you need to cancel an order or request a refund.

This Refund Policy outlines the conditions and procedures for such cases.

This refund policy applies only to fully paid orders and is exclusive to the three products available on The three products are:

  • Enhanced Token Info (ETI)

  • Token Community Takeover

  • Token Advertising

1.1. Eligibility for refund

A refund will only be issued under the following circumstances if it's requested within 14 days of order completion

  • If the completion of the order is delayed due to our technical issues.

  • If multiple charges have been applied for a single order.

  • If we cancel the order for any reason except when it’s a malicious or misleading order.

1.2. Exclusions

The following situations do not qualify for refunds:

  • If you are unsatisfied and want to cancel an order that has already been completed.

  • If a problem on your end prevents the token from going live on DEX Screener supported pools and exchanges.

  • If your token is inactive.

  • If you want to delete your existing token profile.

1.3. Refund Process

The refund request and disbursal process is as follows:

(a) Contact Customer Support:

Please contact the customer support team at The email should be sent from the same address that was used to submit the order. Mention the order number, token address and reason for refund. Include any other relevant details.

(b) Evaluation:

The support team will evaluate your request according to the criteria outlined in Section 1.1.

(c) Refund Decision:

If your request meets the eligibility criteria, the refund will be initiated and you’ll be intimated.

(d) Refund disbursal:

The refund will be processed using the original payment method. We issue refunds in batches weekly and it can take up to 7 business days for the refunds to be finalized. Please be aware that your financial institution may require additional time to reflect this refund on your account statement.

1.4. Credits

Presale orders, where the token doesn't go live, do not qualify for refunds. However, the support team may offer a credit at their discretion. This credit can only be used once and is not reusable. For instructions on obtaining the credit, please contact the customer support team at

Policy Updates

This Refund Policy may be updated from time to time without prior notice. The most recent version will be posted on our website and the changes will become effective upon posting.

For any questions or concerns regarding this policy, please contact our customer support team at

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