If you're interested in advertising on DEX Screener we have the following options available.

Direct deal

If you're in need of an advertising solution that requires customization to your exact needs:

  • Presales

  • Ads on specific chains and/or specific pages

  • Anything else

Pricing: Fixed, minimum budget of $30,000 USD

Payment method: Coinbase Commerce and Stripe

KYC required

Contact us directly: ads (at)

A-ADS Network

Available formats:

Display 300x250, Desktop
Display 320x100, Mobile

Pricing: CPM, dynamic

KYC required

Coinzilla Network

Available formats:

Display Header, Mobile

Pricing: CPM, dynamic, floor price at 3 EUR

KYC required

In order to advertise on our website, users and companies will have to pass the verification process, including KYC, to be able to launch their campaigns. *Please note that even if the process has been completed successfully, we and our partner reserve the right not to promote the project on the website. Note that a response may take up to 24 hours during a working day and up to 72 hours during holidays and weekends.

Alternative communication meanings like Telegram are also available and will be confirmed by email (to prevent fake impersonators) from an official email address.

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