How tokens trend on DEX Screener

DEX Screener assigns every token on the platform a Trending Score - a snapshot of the token's buzz and market activity. This score is used to rank tokens on the trending screener and trending bar, showcasing the hottest pairs at any given time.

While we keep the special blend of our algorithm close to our chest, here are some of the key metrics we take into account:

Market Activity

  • Volume

  • Liquidity

  • Transactions

  • Unique makers

  • Holders

Community Engagement

  • Visitors on the token's DEX Screener page, both on website and app

  • Reactions: how the community feels about the token 🚀 🔥 💩 🚩

Trust & Credibility

  • Tokens with verified info get a boost, especially those with Enhanced Token Info

  • Security audit: we value tokens that are open-source and pass security checks with flying colors

For projects keen on climbing the trending list, a robust trading activity and community engagement on DEX Screener are your tickets to the top!

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